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 一般会員:8,000 円 一般非会員:18,000 円
 学生会員:1,000 円 学生非会員:4,000 円


 一般会員:10,000 円 一般非会員:20,000 円
 学生会員:2,000 円 学生非会員:5,000 円



 一般:6,000 円


セット割引1 一般会員+意見交換会:13,000 円(内訳:参加費8,000円、意見交換会5,000円)

セット割引2 学生会員+意見交換会:6,000 円(内訳:参加費1,000円、意見交換会5,000円




※ご入金完了後、自動送信される確認メールに PDF チケット(学会参加証)が添付されます。






Registration fee

Advance Registration (by May 10, 2024)

 General member: 8,000 JPY

 Non-general member: 18,000 JPY

 Student member: 1,000 JPY

 Student non-member: 4,000 JPY

 Online meeting for 2 days: 8,000 JPY

General Registration

 General member: 10,000 JPY

 General non-member: 20,000 JPY

 Student member: 2,000 JPY

 Student non-member: 5,000 JPY

 Online meeting for 2 days: 10,000 JPY


 General: 6,000 JPY

Combo Discounts!

General Members + Reception: 13,000 JPY (breakdown: 8,000 JPY, 5,000 JPY for the reception)

Student Member + Reception: 6,000 yen (breakdown:  1,000 JPY for registration, 5,000 JPY for the reception)

(Discounts are available until May 10, 2024)


*Students include graduate students.

*Members of the FASMI and some domestic partner organizations can attend this meeting under the same conditions as members of the JSMI (Partner organization: The Chemical Society of Japan, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Japan Radioisotopes Association, The Japan Society of Drug Delivery System, The Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine, The Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, The Japanese Society for Chemical Biology, The Japanese Society of Medical Imaging Technology, The Japan Neuroscience Society, Bioimaging Society, The Japanese Cancer Association, The Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine, Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology; on May 9).

*If you plan to become a JSMI member, you can register in advance and become a member onsite later.

*In the case of the set discount, only one receipt will be issued (the breakdown of this discount will be for the reception, not the registration fee).

*Payment can be made by credit card. Convenience store payment is also available, but a 190 JPY handling fee will be added.

*We do not accept refunds, exchanges, or cancellations due to customer reasons.

*Online participation has been accepted since May 8. With the online ticket you can only audition the main venue, you cannot present your poster. Also, there are no refunds or exchanges for tickets already purchased. Online participation is not available for those who have signed up for on-site participation.


Please consider taking this opportunity to become a member of JSMI or FASMI (Molecular Imaging Society in each country). Thank you.

*Invited speakers who are non-members of JSMI are not required to pay the registration fee. Invited speakers who are JSMI members are required to pay a registration fee.

If you are a member of JASMI, please confirm your member status before the registration.
You can only purchase one type of ticket in one operation. If you want to purchase two types of tickets, e.g. for a reception, please perform the operation twice.

Macユーザーの方へ:Safariでの登録でエラーが生じる場合があり、Chrome, Firefox等のご利用を推奨します。
For Mac users: Registration with Safari may cause errors; we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, etc.
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